We offer a range of solutions!

We offer a range of solutions! The core of what we offer is the Perfect Pitch Player, equipped with our Ready Response Technology. This integrates pre-recorded audio into live agent conversations. We put your agents in control of an array of scripted responses. This boosts efficiency and compliance, and eliminates the problem with difficult accents. These key advances will launch your productivity into the stratosphere. We’ve discovered that we can handle 98.2% of all calls with effectiveness using this technology.

Strong voice talents

The contact agent selects the appropriate recordings from the soundboard to play back over the line. The recordings allow the agent to conduct a natural conversation with the customer on the other end of the line. We train agents to listen with care and attention. Active listening ensures a better conversation. Strong voice talents with neutral accents record these responses well in advance. They do so in a conversational tone that keeps the call moving. The live agent controlling the conversation makes it possible to ensure that the responses chosen meet the needs of the caller.

Right combination

Perfect Pitch CEO Jacob Munns puts it well. “Our solutions offer the right combination of technology and human intervention.” It takes only a few days for our veteran voice talents to record all the necessary scripts. The tone is friendly and polite. The accent is appropriate to the region you’re interacting with. The effective results? With Perfect Pitch, all your agents become more efficient, fully compliant, and totally accent-free. Contact us today to discuss your particular campaign requirements.


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