Perfect Pitch Solutions and Ready Response Technology!

The core of what we offer is the Perfect Pitch Player, equipped with our Ready Response Technology. Simply put, we integrate pre-recorded audio with live agent conversations. Your agents will gain access to a custom soundboard based on the business avatar we build together. This soundboard avatar sounds natural, boosts efficiency, compliance, customer satisfaction, and eliminates any barriers created by accents, or local expressions.

Perfect Pitch Player increases productivity while minimizing mistakes. We’ve discovered that we can handle 98.2% of all calls with effectiveness using this technology. We offer them as essential parts of a larger suite of standard contact center features including options to host your contact center.

How can we be so confident that Ready Response is so effective? Because we use it ourselves. In fact, we developed and patented Ready Response technology to use in our own off-shore call centers. It is only recently that we have begun licensing these tools to others.


Exceptional Voice Talent

As we record, we ensure that we record not only your call script but also a huge variety of potential responses. These responses will be based on your business avatar and can include open ended questions, responses to common objections, and qualifying questions. We will record until we are satisfied that you have enough responses to handle any call your agents may receive. Finally, we unite all these tailored responses into a customized soundboard.

Some wonder if it is worth having the best voice talent behind your call. Yet consistently companies come to us due to misunderstandings between their agents and their clients over the phone. Often they have attempted to resolve this issue with increased training or changing call centers. Sadly, too often these "solutions" only serve to increase cost while providing mixed results. With our voice talent, we can relieve this pain point at a fraction of the cost. Our voice talent is included with every package.


Live Agents and Soundboards in Perfect Harmony

Perfect Pitch CEO Jacob Munns puts it well. “Our solutions offer the right combination of technology and human intervention.” Whatever your pain points are, we are confident you can help you resolve them.

Frustrated with the amount of time it takes you to train new agents? Our veteran voice talents can record all the necessary call scripts in a matter of days. The tone is friendly, polite, and the accent is appropriate. What is more, your live agents can be trained to effectively use Ready Response Technology within hours. Often your agent will reach peak efficiency within days rather than weeks.

Struggling with compliance? With Ready Response your live agents will have no alternative than to follow the script guaranteeing 100% compliance. But Perfect Pitch won't just improve your compliance it also will make sure each call is professional.

No matter how rude the customer, no matter the temperament of your agent, Pitch Perfect guarantees each call is respectful. Our digital soundboard will make sure your agents always have an appropriate response. A personalized soundboard never gets upset and live agents report less stress while using a soundboard.

Are robocalls too stiff and unintuitive? Perfect Pitch eliminates this pain point because a live agent will better understand the needs and wants of your customer. A live agent equipped with a professional soundboard will be able to listen and respond with the same precision and accuracy as a machine while providing the service a robo call will never be able to achieve.

The effective results? With Perfect Pitch, all your agents become more efficient, fully compliant, and totally accent-free. All of this can be accomplished quicker and cheaper than you ever could have imagined. If you are ready to relieve these pain points contact us today to discuss your particular campaign requirements.


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