Powerful tools

The core of what we offer is the Perfect Pitch Player, equipped with our Ready Response Technology. This integrates pre-recorded audio into live agent conversations. We put your agents in control of an array of scripted responses. This boosts efficiency and compliance, and eliminates the pain point of difficult to understand accents. These key advances will launch your productivity into the stratosphere. We’ve discovered that we can handle 98.2% of all calls with effectiveness using this technology. We offer them as essential parts of a larger suite of standard contact center features.

All in one place

Our cloud-based dialer can integrate with your own Customer Relationship Management software. This works with Perfect Pitch so you can manage all your conversations in one place. We can set everything up to handle blended inbound and outbound calls. For outbound calls, we offer fast and effective predictive dialing. For inbound, we include both Automatic Call Distribution and more advanced Skills-Based Routing. You can be sure that each call goes to the agent best suited to handle it. We can also set up effective IVRs for your inbound customers to navigate. They can get to the right person to handle their case with ease.

click-to-call solutions!

In a similar vein, we offer click-to-call solutions for your website. You want your customers to be able to contact you fast, and we make that happen. At the end of the day, you need reliable statistics to help you improve. That’s why robust reporting is also standard. These features come bundled in a single convenient software suite. This allows you to manage every aspect of your contact center needs without any hassle. Contact us today so that we can tailor the above solutions, and more, to your needs!


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