Ready Response technology, our biggest advantage

We know there is no shortage of call centers to choose from. Each with its own advantages and disadvantages. However, we offer something unique that our competitors can not, our patented Ready Response technology.

Ready Response integrates live agents with a digital soundboard. This will allow live agents to listen to your customers or potential customers then provide the perfect imediate response, every time.


Inbound and Outbound calls, all in one place

Our cloud-based dialer can integrate with your own Customer Relationship Management software. Pitch perfect's software provides an intuitive agent portal making handling bookings easier than ever. This works with Perfect Pitch so you can manage all your conversations in one place. We can set everything up to handle blended inbound and outbound calls.

Our outbound call centers are designed to give your campaign the most contacts possible. First, we offer fast and effective predictive dialing. Next, we constantly optimize our DID strategy for the maximum number of calls. Plus with our simple agents portal, our team members can manage conversions quickly reducing the time between calls. Finally, our customized soundboards allow our agents to handle two calls at a time, meaning you can get twice the calls at half the cost.

For inbound calls, we include both Automatic Call Distribution and advanced Skills-Based Routing. These two methods allow you to manage the experience of each incoming caller. With Automatic Call Distribution, you reduce wait times. While Skill-based Routing you can direct calls to ensure excellent customer service.

Additionally for incoming calls, we can set up effective IVRs for your inbound customers. In a similar vein, we now offer click-to-call solutions for your website. This technology will give your potential clients a simple avenue to contact you.

Whether you need support for your inbound, outbound, or both you can be sure that each customer will receive the highest quality service from the best agents working with the best tools and technology.


Robust Reporting: the data you need

We understand reliable statistics are essential to help you improve. With Perfect Pitch, robust reporting is also standard. Our reports come on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Our reports will include Agent Reports, Performance reporting, and call searches.

Our Analytics will be delivered daily on our turnkey accounts so you can monitor exactly how your campaign is progressing towards your goals. While our agent and performance reports will let you know how well individual calls are going, the data usage, and your current conversion rates. Finally, you can search and review specific calls.

Stop worrying about digging through all your call data yourself and get custom reports from Perfect Pitch today!


Quality Assurance: your success our top priority

Many of our potential clients express concern that our calls will not provide a smooth customer experience. Some have been disappointed by off-shore call centers in the past and others struggle to trust a call center outside of their immediate control. We are familiar with these trepidations in fact it is in response to these concerns and others that we founded Perfect Pitch. Our Pitch Perfect tech can resolve many of these concerns, but to guarantee the success of your campaign we have built a robust Quality Assurance team.

Each of our turnkey clients gains access to our outstanding Quality Assurance team. Every account will be assigned an overseas call center manager along with a U.S.-based account director. These employees will work in tandem to make sure that each call has a perfect customer experience.

Our QA team does this by reviewing calls and data. During the review, they will confirm that the conversation has a natural flow and our live agents respond accurately. They will review the data of the calls to ensure they are meeting your expectations.

Of course, our QA team does more than just ensuring your calls meet your standards, our team will do all they can to help optimize your call script, soundboard, and customer experience. We do this because our highest priority is the success of your campaign.


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