Can Perfect Pitch be used as an inbound call center?

Yes, absolutely! Although Perfect was originally designed for B2B outbound sales as our clients’ needs expanded we started offering inbound call services. Now our software is capable of hosting both inbound and outbound calls all in one place, and roughly half of our clients are now using this blended inbound/outbound approach. However, we do have multiple clients who only use Perfect Pitch for inbound calls. 

Inbound functionality is available with our turnkey, hybrid and just tech options. If you are interested in inbound call center services you can contact us and we can talk about the best option for you and your company.

How do I find a perfect Pitch Certified Call Center?

We know due to our success there are a number of imitators who use similar technology; however, no one has our patented software, or our level of expertises. So when choosing a call center don’t chase after the pretenders. Call out representatives to find the best solution for your needs at 801.369.4096. Or you can fill out our contact form and we will reach out to you.

We can help you find the best call center to fit your specific needs.

Can Perfect Pitch be used in B2B calls?

Yes, in fact when Pitch perfect was first created it was originally used to make B2B sales and it led to many of our company’s early successes. Our software is versatile enough to handle just about any kind of call your business may need. 

For example, many of our clients use Perfect Pitch to reach out to cold leads so we can convert them to warm leads. This allows their sales team to focus on the leads with the highest potential and can help their sales team see better results. Others will use Pitch Perfect to handle information gathering calls, or inbound calls, and some will even use Pitch Perfect to close their sales.

Whatever you need our team can assist you in creating the perfect script, soundboard and agents to make sure your B2B sales campaign is a success.

How many Perfect Pitch stations can one agent use?

A Perfect pitch soundboard offers many unique advantages, but one of them is the ability they give agents to handle multiple calls at the same time. While traditional agents can only effectively handle one call at a time. Individuals trained with Perfect Pitch technology can easily handle two calls simultaneously while maintaining the perfect call.

Should you choose to use our agents, know they are already trained in this procedure allowing your campaign to run at maximum efficiency. Whereas if you elect to use your own agents we recommend that they spend a couple of weeks handling only a single call while they adjust to the soundboard technology and then adding additional calls once they feel confident with the software.

How long does it take to build a Perfect Pitch script?

Once we have the basic information you want included in your call script our team can usually write the 1st draft of your call script in a matter of hours. This draft will be reviewed by a supervisor then submitted to you for approval. This first step can usually be completed in a single day.

After you have reviewed the script. You can either accept the written script as is or you can request that we rewrite sections or add additional sections. Essentially we will rework your call script until you are completely satisfied. For most clients this refining process takes another two days.

Once we have finalized the text for your call campaign we bring out the voice talent. Our voice talent usually can record the call script and responses fairly quickly. Meaning you have the call script fully recorded in approximately two days. Afterwards, you can review the recordings and we can run through a few test calls. Once again we will refine the recordings till you are satisfied. Once you are satisfied we can move to implementation. 

All and all, from conception to being fully recorded we need about a week. Of course it can take longer depending on your response times, the script’s complexity, or legal compliances.

How long does script implementation take?

Before the script is even written and recorded (which takes about a week) we have begun implementations. We begin by choosing which of our call centers will best fit your needs. Then we designate an account director and a call center manager. These leads will assemble a team from our pool of trained agents and begin familiarizing them with your campaign. 

Our agents are already familiar with the Perfect Pitch software so all that is left is to teach them the specifics of your call campaign. Depending on the complexity of your campaign they may be ready to take calls in a day or two or in cases with more intricate scripts it may take up to a week to have them prepared. 

All factors considered, our call centers are usually prepared to implement your script and begin your call campaign in about a week after it’s script is prepared.

Can I use my own VOIP provider?

While we provide VOIP to all our clients we understand that you may have a preferred VOIP. So to accommodate this we allow our clients who have 50 or more seats to use their own VOIP if they so choose. 

Additionally, if you have a set up that you are comfortable with but still want a Perfect Pitch soundboard you can sign up for Just Tech option. Which will allow you to use your equipment and team while simply leasing our patented soundboard technology.

Will Perfect Pitch Integrate with my Dialer?

Yes, our software is specifically designed to integrate with any cloud ™ dialers. In fact a number of our clients are using a variety of different dialers without issue. Beyond this we have implemented an advanced API (Application Programming Interface) to ensure that our technology meshes seamlessly with your own. 

We do this to make sure that no matter the wants or needs of our clients we can provide the Perfect call.


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