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Call centers can be crucial for business growth and customer service. Unfortunately, customers almost universally hate call centers and the disconnect between businesses and their call center can result in dissatisfied customers, loss revenue and even non-compliance legal liability. 

These issues are compounded when you consider the economic factors. Running a call center in house can be quite costly because your company will need to invest in a physical space, hiring and training live agents, and purchasing the required software. Given this cost it is no wonder many companies choose to outsource their call centers. 

Outsourcing your call center is cost effective especially if you choose an Offshore call center. Your company can use these savings to fund projects that are in line with their core values, long term goals and increase profitability. Yet there are trade offs.

When working with a third party it is harder to ensure compliance and quality. Not to mention live agents may use terminology, expressions, or even have accents that make it difficult for your customers to understand. These factors lead to increased customer dissatisfaction which reduces your company’s reputation and may cause previously loyal customers to leave for a competitor.


Good News:
Perfect Pitch Technology™ solves for the biggest issues in call centers.

In 2007, veterans of the call center industry came together to discuss the difficulties surrounding their business. These veterans all managed call centers and were in search of ways to improve the experience for their clients while increasing the efficiency of their live agents and reducing errors and costs. It was an unique, multifaceted issue, but it revolved around one central question, “How do we make our calls perfect?” This quest for perfection hung over the heads of our founders and led to the birth of Pitch Perfect and our Ready Response Technology™. 

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What is Perfect Pitch?

Developed on Utah’s Silicon Slopes, Perfect Pitch is a proprietary software developed as a solution to the problems plaguing the call centered industry. Perfect Pitch integrates live agents with pre-recorded responses in order to create a seamless experience for potential or current customers. These are not Robo-calls because in each interaction a live agent is present and able to listen to the concerns and feelings of the caller, at which point the agent can select the appropriate response from a soundboard of scripted responses.

This soundboard of pre-recorded responses or Ready Responses, is recorded by the highest quality voice talent with a neutral accent. These responses are specifically made to sound natural complete with filler words and laughter. Unlike a live agent your soundboard will always stay on script guaranteeing that responses are always relevant and in compliance.

Why Perfect Pitch Technology™ is Perfect for you.

Perfect Pitch is the ideal solution for companies of all shapes and sizes that are looking at call center solutions. Whether you are running a small inhouse team handling only inbound calls, or a massive off-shore campaign dedicated to outbound calls we can help you make your calls perfect.

When our team first developed Perfect Pitch and Ready Response they were expressly for outbound B2B sales calls. However, as we expanded we now found that about half our clients use soundboards to handle their inbound calls, including sales and customer service.

Our patented technology can help ensure that every call is perfect. Our soundboards and voice talent can provide the consistency you would expect with a robocall with the intuition and flexibility of a live agent. 

Additionally, agents working with Ready Response technology can become effective agents in a matter of hours while most live agents require weeks of training and coaching. We have also found that companies using our software experience decreased agent burn out.

In short we can help your company increase the quality of your calls while also reducing costs.

PerfectPitch is an ideal solution for call centers of all shapes and sizes. Say you’re running an onshore, in-house customer service department. If not, then a vast offshore enterprise-level survey organization. Or something in between: a boutique startup trying to boost your B2B outreach. We’ve got you covered.

The technology was first developed with B2B sales pitches in mind. It’s not only for outbound calls, though. Half of our clients use PerfectPitch technology to handle inbound calls. That includes customer service.

We’ve used PerfectPitch ourselves with great success on all kinds of calling campaigns. Surveys, customer support, lead generation and sales, and simple appointment setting are all on the table. PerfectPitch is for you. It’s for your agents, and for your customers.


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