Successful Customer Interaction Measurement

How Can You Measure a Successful Customer Interaction?

A successful customer interaction may seem like something too subjective to measure. At first glance, you may think that the only actionable data point is the binary, “were they satisfied, yes or no?” If that’s the case, does it even matter how you got to that point? As it turns out, however, there are many different ways companies can measure the success of their interactions with their customers. They can use this data to improve and serve more customers better. The more you know, the better you can act. These metrics allow you to fine-tune your strategies in the race for ultimate customer satisfaction. Not all of them will apply to every company or even every industry, so make sure you evaluate which ones are the most relevant to your organization’s success.

Key Metrics That Define Customer Interaction Success

Keep in mind that there’s a distinction between customer service and customer experience.

“Focus on metrics that matter to your customers… Rule of thumb: If you’d have a hard time explaining a metric to a customer, it’s probably not a good CX metric.” – SenseCorp

What is the End Goal of Measurement?

Let’s answer the question with another question. What matters more to the customers of a product or service provider—that it gives them more than they expected, or that it makes their lives easier?

We believe that business is all about making people’s lives easier.

If you underpromise and overdeliver, you can inspire customers to become more loyal to your brand. That’s true even if they have some complexity in getting there. But that complexity may scare away other prospects.

Make the solution to a prospect’s problem easy to achieve. With that, you’re looking at a viral sensation fueled by both loyalty and enthusiastic recommendations.

Learning how and why to measure a successful customer interaction means understanding your customer experience goal. You ought to be to make the whole interaction as easy as possible for them. Whatever your team has to do to make it possible is secondary.

“Productivity is not the only metric that matters.

“The perception has been for years that, exceeding expectations = customer loyalty. In fact, CEB found this to be incorrect.

“Customers desire minimal effort to get an answer, and that’s what makes them come back to your business. High effort experiences result in 96% of customers becoming disloyal to a business.

“To measure customer experience goes beyond simply meeting customers’ expectations with a speedy reply. It’s about a reply that’s full of context, is personal, and solves other potential issues before they happen.” – Adam Rogers, Kayako

Perfect Pitch Makes Customer Interactions Easy For Everyone

We believe strongly that every business needs their interactions with their customers to be as smooth as possible. We’ve dedicated our work to making that happen. Perfect Pitch provides technological solutions that make customer service easy to implement and easy to engage with. We also guarantee that your customers will enjoy greater service quality that’s consistent and always compliant. Contact Perfect Pitch today to make successful customer interaction your new normal!

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