Soundboard Technology Versus Live Voice Calling

Soundboard Technology or Live Voice Calling: What Difference Does it Make?

We sometimes find it necessary to clarify the nature of the technology we use. Many people unfamiliar with soundboard technology hear the words and think of a giant console full of switches and knobs, like the ones you see in recording studios. As it turns out, the soundboards we use are essentially just software that can be used on an ordinary computer. They make a huge difference in the work we do for our clients, though.

Soundboard Technology Explained

Unlike giant, impressive mixing boards, the soundboards we use are simple and intuitive. The basic technology is prerecorded audio segments, which an agent can control with a graphical user interface. What that means is that the agent can choose exactly which audio to play with the click of a mouse, or easier still, a tap on a touchscreen.

The prerecorded audio is of live voice talents with neutral accents. We give them sections of script dialog to speak and record naturally, just like it’s part of a regular phone conversation. We prepare for as many possibilities as we can, so that the technology creates a seamless conversation.

Next, the dialog segments are arranged in orderly sequences, and combined with Perfect Pitch software. This allows agents to make and receive phone calls without ever having to use their own voices. Wherever the conversation goes, and however the person on the other end of the line answers, the agent will be able to play the most appropriate dialog for that situation.

The Advantages of Soundboards Over Live Voice

Most people prefer to talk with a live person over the phone. Live agents can empathize and understand what’s going on. It’s especially helpful when the person sounds like them and is easy to understand. Unfortunately, foreign accents are more difficult to understand clearly. This offsets the advantages companies hope to enjoy by employing agents overseas where labor costs are low. Live agents are also prone to making mistakes, forgetting crucial lines or getting frustrated.

Customers also strongly dislike interacting with robocalls. The advantage of robocalls is that they deliver information with total consistency, never making a mistake. That’s also why they’re often abused by unscrupulous callers.

The beauty of soundboard technology is that it combines the best of both worlds, with none of the drawbacks.

Using a soundboard, phone agents can deliver perfectly accurate information in every call. The interface software ensures that they don’t miss any critical information or questions. The prerecorded audio makes their own accent a non-issue. That’s true whether they’re native to the country on the other end of the line, or on the other side of the world. With just some basic training, the agent can guide a conversation so that the person on the other end can’t even tell the difference.

The most important advantage of soundboard technology is that a live person still runs the call. They listen and choose their responses naturally. The person on the other end enjoys both empathy and accuracy.

Using Perfect Pitch To Improve Customer Interactions

Perfect Pitch soundboard technology helps companies improve the way they work with their customers and clients. Our solutions work for large enterprises dealing with thousands of inbound and outbound calls every day. They’re also ideal for small businesses trying to grow their customer base. We accelerate sales campaigns and implement digital assistants to keep your business available at any hour of the day. Never lose a client again just because you were busy with another!┬áIf you want to make sure that the people you work with always get the best information, delivered clearly, contact us today!


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