Soundboard Software With a Human Heart

What Makes a Good Soundboard?

Customer service and sales contact centers have become drivers for the adoption of new technologies. There’s always more pressure to help more people in a better way, or to increase sales as much as possible. Achieving those goals requires a combination of scaling efforts and increased efficiency. Soundboard software helps with both, by enabling more talented agents to work on international calls. But what makes a soundboard work right? What does it need to have if it’s going to be successful at delivering more sales and better service?

Not Robots

Probably the most important aspect of any soundboard software is the audio it controls. The key point of using a soundboard is to enable an agent to use a voice other than their own in a conversation. And in turn, the main reason for that is that customers don’t like hearing a voice they can’t understand, nor talking with anything that can’t understand them back.

The last thing you want is for your soundboard to sound robotic. The whole point of them is to do better than a robocall. Customers hate robocalls with the burning heat of a thousand suns because they sound so insincere and uninterested. Nobody likes being yammered at by someone or something that doesn’t care about them.

That’s why it’s so important that when you use a soundboard, you also use voice talents who sound natural and sincere and enthusiastic. Having a neutral accent that fits with the country or region you’re calling or taking calls from is also important, but perhaps not as much as the emotion involved. After all, you can still have a great and productive conversation with a foreign-accented agent if they really listen to you and respond appropriately. It’s a little more difficult, sure, but if you can hear that they really care, that does make an enormous difference.

A good soundboard will therefore use voice audio recordings made by a talented professional who knows how to express sincere feelings of understanding as they speak. Having neutral accents is important, but a robotic neutral accent is worse than a sincere foreign one.

Soundboard Software Advances

Another aspect that will set one kind of soundboard software apart from the rest is the extent to which it employs artificial intelligence. Voice recognition technology can be used to help agents choose the best responses to a conversation even faster. What this means for your contact center is that calls using this technology are almost indistinguishable to the person on the other end from those that use only live agents.

AI can augment an agent’s ability to listen to a conversation, and immediately bring the best or most reasonable responses to the top of the soundboard. The agent can still choose, but the software makes the choice simpler and even less stressful for the agent. That means that good software has impacts well beyond the individual calls. Not only does it provide better customer service or better sales, it also reduces the stress-induced turnover common to contact centers.

Good soundboard software means that agents don’t have to worry about memorizing scripts. They don’t have to sound happy even though they’re having a bad day. They won’t lose their jobs because they spoke angrily at a customer out of frustration. Training time is reduced, and agents can develop their talents and careers more. Workplace and job satisfaction go up, and your company culture gets stronger. Your HR department will thank you for it when you use the right soundboard.

Elemental Empathy With Perfect Pitch

Perfect Pitch uses this kind of powerful soundboard software in our Ready Response technology. We can help you set up your own contact center with these advantages. We can also help you scale even faster by starting your next campaign with our own agents and facilities. The choice is yours. If you decide you want the power of human empathy combined with cutting-edge technology working together for you, contact us today!

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