Quality Assurance Tips for Your Call Center

Tips for Call Center Quality Assurance

Given that the main role of a call center is to be the bridge between a business and its customers, the quality of every interaction is supremely important. A call center that focuses on consistently delivering high quality conversations can be a major driver of company growth. Conversely, a habit of bad calls that remains unaddressed can ruin a business’s reputation among its clients. This makes quality assurance one of the most important tasks that need to be fulfilled in every call center. Here are our suggestions on how best to handle it.

Focus on the Right Metrics

Good quality assurance is about a lot more than just making sure that calls are short and sweet. Sometimes a long conversation that goes off-script is exactly what a customer needs. That might be an extreme case, but the point is that we’re talking here about quality, not quantity. Choose metrics that reflect your organization’s vision and goals, and use those to help determine what makes a good or a bad call.

The first, key principle after that is that you need to monitor every call. It will not be possible for managers to listen to every single one of the thousands that come in. You can, however, ensure that you listen to enough, and the right ones, to get a sense of where you can improve.

Listen to calls that are longer than usual and much shorter than usual. Those are solid indications that something different happened that may reveal an error or a success that all agents can learn from. Also, listen to some average-length calls to see how they’re going.

Listen to calls from every agent, but focus on those who are struggling the most, and those who are enjoying the most success. Remember that it’s not fair to compare agents directly with each other. Everyone is different, with differing personality traits and personal challenges. However, everyone can learn how to implement particular principles and specific actions that lead to greater success.

Get Feedback From Everyone…

Send surveys out to customers and clients. Find the method that works best, both for your organization and for them. That may be an email, or it might be an optional survey at the end of every call. You may find success in directing people to an online forum where they can discuss their issues with each other. This can be a great way to identify and quickly solve problems, but take care. If you already know you have serious quality assurance problems, social media can turn them into a wildfire of negative publicity.

…Especially the Ones Doing the Work!

Another key to quality assurance is to make sure you listen to your agents and other employees, especially those who interact with the public. The old business adage says that “the customer is always right,” but that’s not true at all if your workers are being abused. If your particular line of work involves a lot of emotional stress, your employees urgently need to feel cared for.

“You can’t just ask for feedback and then go silent – you need to make the extra effort to really listen to what’s being said, and to show your team that that’s exactly what you’re doing. Even outside of gathering feedback this isn’t something you can afford to ignore, as 80% of employees would work more hours for a more empathetic employer.

“By showing some real interest and indicating that their feedback is being listened to, you’re both increasing employee loyalty and making them want to go the extra mile in their work.”

You’ll find that your agents can provide incredibly valuable feedback about the technical and conversational quality of their interactions. They obviously are listening to every call they participate in. That means they can quickly alert you to unusual trends or changes they experience, and also when things seem to be going better. If you get similar reports from multiple agents, that’s the fastest way to know something’s up! The key to making it work is training. Make sure managers trust agents, and that agents can communicate effectively with managers, and you’re golden.

Make Quality Assurance Easier Through Technology

Perfect Pitch uses what we call our Ready Response technology. It’s an avatar soundboard that uses prerecorded audio from professional voice talents that live agents control. Without having to use their own voices, they can still hold a full, natural, live conversation with a customer. This technological breakthrough has numerous important implications for quality assurance.

For one thing, using neutral voice talents allows Perfect Pitch-compliant call centers to hire from a much larger pool of talented agents. Unfamiliar accents are hard to understand, even if you’re speaking the same language as your customer. With Ready Response, it doesn’t matter what kind of accent you have.

The more important impact this technology has is that because the audio is prerecorded, it’s consistent. It’s the same on every single call. There are enough audio samples to cover an enormous variety of conversational needs, but the quality is always the same. The software doesn’t get tired or forgetful. It’s not going to accidentally snap rudely at you when it’s having a bad day. It can’t have a bad day!

Technology has now made it possible for call centers to guarantee higher quality assurance on every single call. If that’s the sort of result you’d like to see from your own call center, or if you’d like to get set up using one of our existing facilities, contact us today! We’ll help your organization enjoy better call quality than you’ve ever heard before.

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