Customer Satisfaction As a Result of Good Customer Care

What’s the Difference Between Customer Care and Customer Satisfaction?

Casual readers coming across those terms may think that they are interchangeable, but they’re not. In fact, customer care and customer satisfaction are different in a crucial way. Understanding that difference is essential to business success. Customers, after all, are what every business depends on. Nothing else matters without customers willing to buy, and the experience they have with you has an enormous impact on the outcome of your sales and marketing efforts.

What Does Customer Care Actually Mean?

According to Forbes,

“Instead of just going through the motions and making a sale, customer care is actually caring for customers, listening to their needs, and finding the right solution. In many instances, customer care moves one step beyond basic customer service by building an emotional connection.”

In other words, customer care means… actually caring about your customers! We wish that this was a more widely understood concept. We’ve learned from our own experience, and that of others, that taking good care of your customers is the golden road to business success.

Right now, for example, the retail world is going through what many commentators are calling an apocalypse. Competition from Amazon, with its multi-multi-multi-billion-dollar advantages, is eroding the customer base of most traditional retail stores. Most, but not all. Which ones are doing well? The small ones that focus on customer care.

How Does Customer Care Lead to Customer Satisfaction?

When your customer has a great experience, they come back for more. When they need to refill or replace or upgrade your product, they come to you. That’s because trust is born from care. If you demonstrate that you care about their wants and needs, they’ll feel that they can trust you to satisfy them, over and over again.

Amazon has won over hundreds of millions of casual retail customers because its business model addresses the two biggest customer needs: affordability and convenience. It saves them the stress of actually going out to get their toothpaste and batteries, and it often offers them cheaper than the brick-and-mortar store. That has created enormous customer satisfaction.

By saving customers time and money, Amazon lets them spend those resources on much more enjoyable activities. Nobody likes burning gasoline while orbiting a freezing parking lot in mid-December. Thanks to Amazon, nobody has to. People love Amazon for that. Retailers indifferent to their customers’ time constraints cannot compete.

Those stores that continue to thrive do so not because they’re competing with Amazon, but because they address a different set of needs. They cater to the customers who still want to shop in person, but be attended to by experts who genuinely want to help them. If any of those kinds of businesses stopped caring for their customers, that satisfaction would collapse, and their profits with it.

Technology-Driven Customer Care Strategies That Boost Satisfaction

Perfect Pitch isn’t a retail company, of course, but retail is a vivid example of the future course of business. Customers expect to be cared for, one way or another. They demand both better attention and lower costs. Just like Amazon, we use technology to achieve both of these objectives. They seem contradictory, but with the right tech, they become force multipliers. We also emulate the successful boutique model by providing high-quality experiences.

The best of both worlds, in other words.

Our Ready Response system lets call center agents interact naturally with clients, and even laugh with them, while maintaining absolutely perfect compliance and informational accuracy. That’s a special new level of customer care. Our hosted suite of contact center services also means that you can provide that care more affordably than ever before.

We help your organization follow the most successful business models ever developed. Contact us today to make them yours!

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