Customer Experience Trends for 2019

What is Every Customer Experience Leader Discussing for 2019?

Customer experience has become a way to rethink the relationship companies have with the people they sell to. In the age of reviews and tweets that spread like airborne viruses around the world in a matter of seconds, it’s understandable. A single bad interaction can hurt a company’s reputation worse than ever before. If the world sees it happen more than once, you can kiss your global brand goodbye. Now, more than ever, a company’s success is closely tied to the way it builds and maintains customer relationships. CE leaders know this, and here’s how they’ve been proactive in planning for future trends.

The Inevitability of Automation

To see the degree to which success hinges on a good customer experience, we might look no further than Amazon. It’s arguably one of the most successful and powerful private organizations in history, and with good reason. Since the moment Jeff Bezos opened his online bookstore in that garage in Seattle, it has been all about making the customer’s experience easier. At first, it was just about the simplicity of buying a book online instead of traveling to and browsing through brick-and-mortar bookstores. Later, it became about getting better deals on a wide range of consumer products. Now, it’s gotten to the point where you don’t even have to use a computer to buy things from Amazon.

Behind the scenes, Amazon’s warehouses have gone from quite ordinary, to becoming run almost entirely by robots. With fewer human beings on site, costs are lower, and efficiency skyrockets. All this in the name of lowering costs and streamlining everything the end customer has to do to get what they want. Automating as much of those commercial processes as possible has revolutionized both e-commerce and retail in general. This one company, in its drive to keep its customers happy, has reshaped the world and made its founder the wealthiest person in modern times. That’s something to think about.

Flexible Employment Arrangements

Another way companies are creating a better customer experience is by helping their employees work better. Happy employees translate into happier interactions with clients and customers. Since we don’t all have autonomous flying drone cars (yet), traffic and commuting continue to be huge problems for many employees. One way around them is by allowing them to work from home in increasing numbers.

Modern communications technology has made it easy for companies to engage a more distributed workforce. Video calls, messages, email, collaborative software, and many other factors are at play. Simply put, it’s becoming less and less necessary for everyone to work in a single office, or in an office at all. Employees who can thus work from the comfort of their own homes end up being more productive. They’re also in better positions to meet with new clients.

Customer Experience Depends on Customer Service

Gathering feedback from buyers and visitors has always been essential to improving the customer experience. Now, though, it’s taking on new meaning. Companies are increasingly working to not just hear the customer’s ideas, but actually live them. On the one hand, some organizations make sure that every executive works in the contact center at least once per year. This keeps them in touch with the real people they’re selling to.

For a more complete perspective, some organizations have taken to going through their own sales funnel and buying process. This allows them to see things the way their buyers do, and more clearly understand how to improve.

Create a Better Customer Experience with Perfect Pitch Technology

Developing a strong culture of customer service is key to generating a powerful customer experience. Combined with the advantages of technology, it’s the only way forward now. Companies that deliver mediocre experiences don’t advance, and bad experiences kill outright.

Perfect Pitch uses these techniques to our, and our customers’ advantage. Our powerful Ready Response technology combines automation with human empathy and intuition to create pleasant customer interactions on every call. Contact us today to start implementing that kind of success in your contact center, or scale up faster with our own facilities and personnel!

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