Contact Center Employee Management Means Listening

Why Should You Value Your Contact Center Employees’ Opinions?

Running a contact center is not generally considered a cushy position. It involves constantly dealing with a huge array of issues. Sometimes there’s a facility-wide tech problem that needs a solution yesterday. Other times an agent needs some one-on-one coaching. Contact center employee management involves juggling dozens of responsibilities. One particular skill that makes it all so much easier, though, is really listening to what’s going on.

The Importance of Listening To Employees Generally

According to Forbes, when you “tune in to what your teammates want to tell you,” you…

  • “Get great ideas about things that need to shift in your business when you open up the communication pathways, especially in an upward direction.”
  • “Head off problems early when your employees can tell you without fear or hassle that something in your organization is messed up.”
  • “Warm up your culture by continually asking for feedback, acknowledging it and acting on it – then asking again.”

Employees who deal with customers directly can provide incredibly useful insight into the marketplace. That’s an inexpensive form of ongoing market research. To take advantage of it requires that employees feel free to be honest about what customers tell them. The same dynamic helps you and your human resources team deal with internal relationships. The key to all of it, of course, is to really act based on what you hear. Employees may sometimes sense that what they say goes in one ear and out the other. In that case, they’re most likely not going to bother speaking up anymore. At least, not openly. Failure to listen and act on it foments a culture of dissatisfaction, whispered rumors, low morale, resignations, and resume polishing.

If you want to keep your good people around, keep them happy. Listening is a crucial part of that happiness.

How Listening Affects Contact Center Employee Management

Forbes contributor Glenn Llopis shared his observations:

“Listening is a leadership responsibility that does not appear in the job description. Those who do listen to their employees are in a much better position to lead the increasingly diverse and multigenerational workforce. The “one-approach-fits-all” way of thinking has become outdated and those who embrace the high art of listening are destined to be the better, more compassionate leaders.”

There are few areas where this advice is more applicable than in a modern international call center. Perfect Pitch’s own facilities host an incredible mix of personalities, and even nationalities. Our company employs agents from many different backgrounds, education levels, and cultural expectations, sometimes all under a single roof! Any manager who attempted to make sense of such a place without listening carefully to the concerns of each agent would swiftly run into trouble.

That’s why contact center employee management is all about listening. At Perfect Pitch, our own technology solutions allow us to say what you need us to with perfect clarity and accuracy, but it always and only works best when we listen to the customer on the other end of the line. We know that the same principle is true within our own organization.

Contact Perfect Pitch today for a suite of solutions that can turn your own contact center into a powerhouse of accuracy! If you prefer, use our own staff and facilities for cost-saving scaling opportunities!

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