Avatar Soundboard Technology Makes Calls Perfect

What isĀ Avatar Soundboard Technology?

There’s a new advance making waves in the tech scene. If you’ve ever gotten a frustrating phone call from a robot, know that those days belong to the barbaric past. Avatar soundboard technology has made it possible for companies to offer their products and services in a better way than ever before. It’s no longer a problem to hire agents with accents that confuse the people on the other end of the line. You no longer have to worry about getting them to memorize complex scripts and pitches, either. In fact, there are several specific advantages that an avatar soundboard has over all competing technologies.

Avatar Soundboard Fundamentals

What’s an avatar made of? The building blocks of this technology are simple. A human agent controls a program that plays prerecorded audio segments over the phone on a call. The segments are organized into groups and sequences based on the kinds of situations the agent may face during the call. The system works for both inbound and outbound calls. In other words, it applies to both customer service and sales.

Prerecorded audio is the foundation technology. It’s what creates the advantage that avatars have over purely live agents, for two reasons.

The Accent Advantage

In the first place, prerecorded audio segments feature recordings made by professional voice talents with neutral accents. By neutral, we mean that their voices are easy for the person on the other end of the line to understand. That means they aren’t just the most common accent you may hear in a target country, but they can also be regional if your calling campaign or area of service targets a particular area. The point is that the customer hears someone speaking to them in a familiar and comfortable way. This puts them more at ease during the call and helps them understand the information.

The Accuracy Advantage

The other way that prerecorded audio helps is that it remains constant across every single call. This is the initial reason for the existence of robocalls. They avoid the problem of human agents who tire and get cranky or are just having a really bad day. They avoid issues of forgetfulness or even avoidance of full disclosure.

Prerecorded audio of all types thus lets companies maintain full compliance both with applicable laws and internal policies.

The Empathy Advantage

This is the crucial difference. Robocalls and sophisticated AI can replicate an avatar soundboard’s accent resolution and accuracy. What those kinds of systems cannot do, however, is truly listen. They have no empathy.

By keeping a human agent in control of the conversation as they listen to the person on the other end of the line, they are able to respond in appropriate but still creative ways. The prerecorded audio segments prevent them from going off-script or stating anything wrong outright. With the right audio design, though, it covers all kinds of possibilities. Agents using an avatar soundboard can therefore have perfect conversations that lead to high customer satisfaction on almost every single call, by choosing the responses that best fit the situation.

Perfect Pitch uses this technology on all kinds of client campaigns. We specialize in helping our clients deal effectively with high call volumes by anticipating a variety of situations and providing accurate information in all of them. We’re able to turn existing contact centers around to become Perfect Pitch-Compliant, or scale up outsourced call operations with our own facilities. Contact us today to explore the right method for your institutional customer communication needs!

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