Perfect Pitch was created by call center veterans who needed a solution to make their own call centers perfect.

About Perfect Pitch

Call centers seem to be a bit misunderstood. The problems they’re known for can lead to friction between a company and its customers. They’re necessary for business growth and customer support, but customers don’t like them. Call center managers are stuck between a rock and a hard place here. Unfortunately, economics makes the situation tricky.

Outsourcing a call center allows companies to save money. They can devote resources more in line with their core strategies. It’s less expensive, for sure. Customers still tend to distrust foreign accents over the phone, though. It’s also much harder to ensure compliance with standards from across an ocean or two. How can a company find the right balance between costs and benefits?

We offer them as essential parts of a larger suite of standard contact center features.

Good News:
Oceans Don’t
Matter Anymore!

Wait, what?

PerfectPitch is an elegant solution. It addresses both of these major call center problems. With it, you no longer need to worry about whether your agents are sticking to the script. It doesn’t matter if they’re on the other side of the planet. The way PerfectPitch works, there’s no alternative to the script in the first place.

It eliminates irrelevant conversations and reduces human error. It makes training new agents a breeze, and frees up current agents for different tasks. It saves agents from the stress of trying to stay calm when dealing with an irate customer. It also doesn’t matter how thick of an accent your agent has!

It’s Too Good NOT to be True

PerfectPitch is a proprietary hosted software suite. It integrates pre-recorded audio into live agent conversations. We call this our Ready Response Technology™.

These are not robocalls. Every interaction still involves human beings on both ends of the phone line. The difference is that on your end, the agent is not in a speaking role. They are in control of an array of scripted responses. Our voice talents with neutral accents record these responses well in advance.

Your agents make or take calls. Rather than speaking, they search and select the right script or answer from a menu. It includes everything they need for natural interaction, including filler words and laughter. They are always relevant—no deviations from the script are possible. Your agents may have needed weeks of coaching to begin to be effective before. Now they can master the software in a matter of hours.

Contact us and give us your particular campaign requirements. It takes only a few days for our veteran voice talents to record all the necessary scripts. The tone is friendly and polite. The accent is appropriate to the region you’re interacting with.

The effective results? With PerfectPitch, all your agents become more efficient, fully compliant, and totally accent-free.

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It´s For You

PerfectPitch is an ideal solution for call centers of all shapes and sizes. Say you’re running an onshore, in-house customer service department. If not, then a vast offshore enterprise-level survey organization. Or something in between: a boutique startup trying to boost your B2B outreach.

We’ve got you covered.
The technology was first developed with B2B sales pitches in mind. It’s not only for outbound calls, though. Half of our clients use PerfectPitch technology to handle inbound calls. That includes customer service.

We’ve used PerfectPitch ourselves with great success on all kinds of calling campaigns. Surveys, customer support, lead generation and sales, and simple appointment setting are all on the table. PerfectPitch is for you. It’s for your agents, and for your customers.

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Perfect Pitch is for all sizes of call centers, telephony companies or in-house customer service departments.What are you waiting for?