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Are Perfect Pitch calls considered Robocalls?

NO! Because Perfect Pitch requires a live agent to converse (just like a live voice agent) it is not considered a robocall.

How do I find a perfect Pitch Certified Call Center?

Perfect Pitch has certified centers around the globe. Call a representative to find the best center for your call center needs. 801.369.4096

How long does it take to build a Perfect Pitch script?

Traditionally scripts are built in just a few days. Very elaborate scripts may take more time.

Will Perfect Pitch integrate with my dialer?

Perfect Pitch integrates with Cloud DialerTM.

How long does it take a new agent to learn the software?

Agents can traditionally master the software in just a few hours. Agents are considered “tenured” after a few weeks of dialing.

Can Perfect Pitch be used in an inbound call center?

Yes. Half of all of our clients use Perfect Pitch in an inbound/customer service setting.

Can Perfect Pitch be used to conduct B2B sales?

Yes. Perfect Pitch was built to create Perfect sales pitches. Work with our expert script development team to build the Perfect B2B sales pitch for your company.

Can I use my own VOIP provider?

Yes. Clients who licenses at least 50 seats can use their own VOIP provider.

How many Perfect Pitch stations can one agent use at a time?

Depends on the number of hands the agent has. 1 hand= 1 station. 3 hands= 3 stations and an appointment with a local physician.

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